Yngda Law Firm Facilitates Property Registration and Asset Financing for Yangtze Industry Investment Group's Data Assets

Yngda Law Firm Facilitates Property Registration and Asset Financing for Yangtze Industry Investment Group's Data Assets

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Engda Law Firm assists Yangtze Industry Investment Group's Yangtze Operations sector in property registration and asset entry of data assets, successfully obtaining asset financing credit, showcasing the new technology and innovation of legal services.

Under the Yangtze Operations sector, the smart parking company leverages the richness of urban-level smart parking data to transform data elements into quantifiable and tradable data assets through data sorting, compliance assessment, rights registration, and cost allocation analysis on the "Chuyun Ting" platform data. The company has been issued a "Data Resource Registration Certificate" by the Hubei Huazhong Cultural Property Rights Exchange, with the evaluated value of the data asset at 10.9 million RMB. It has obtained a 5 million RMB financing credit, marking the "first case" of asset-backed financing for digital parking spaces in Hubei Province and signifying an important step in the company's data asset management and digital transformation. Engda Law Firm's professional services not only ensure the compliance of the entire process but also promote innovation and development in the smart parking company's business.

As the legal service provider for this project, Engda Law Firm has demonstrated its deep professional knowledge and technological innovation capabilities in the field of data law. The firm's team of senior lawyers conducted a comprehensive assessment of the legality of data sources, compliance of data content, and standardization of data processing to ensure that the corresponding data assets meet the strict requirements of the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China, the Data Security Law, and other relevant regulations.

Engda Law Firm will continue to provide professional legal advice and services in this field, assisting more enterprises in advancing steadily on the path of digital transformation and contributing legal wisdom and strength to promote social and economic development.

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